Puzzles Book Club

"Reading is the sole means by which we slip, involuntarily, often helplessly, into another's skin, another's voice, another's soul."

Hello! We are an international online Book Club called Puzzles. More information in the FAQ.

Hey everyone, since no one’s joining the chat and Ana is nowhere to be seen, I have no choice but to postpone the meeting.

Whenever Ana gets back on, we’ll discuss when we should have the meeting.


Hey Guys! We’re halfway until our next meeting.

How are you all enjoying The Help so far? How far are you all? I just finished reading it last night and I won’t say much but I will say that I enjoyed the novel. 

Just remember that we’re meeting on Saturday February 4th at 8/7 Eastern/Central Time! Can’t wait to see you there!



The Help by Kathryn Stockett!

I only found one download link to it (THIS ONE. HURRY BEFORE THEY PUT MEDIAFIRE DOWN), and it is in the format epub.


You can open it on Firefox! Just add Epub Reader to it!

(the book is all there, but it’s not exactly organized, so just pass the pages. Don’t click each chapter)

WE MEET IN TWO WEEKS, on a saturday this time!

So it will be in February the 4th, at 8/7 PM Eastern/Central time.

Hope to see you there!

Hey Guys! We had a wonderful second meeting discussing The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

Here is what our thoughts were:

  • We really didn’t enjoy the writing of the novel and thought that it was full of useless information. Almost like reading a textbook.
  • The writing left the characters 1-dimensional and detached us from the novel.
  • While we didn’t like the writing we thought that the main story was great and had potential but was hindered by the bulky writing.

Puzzles Club Rating:




So I am aware that most of you haven’t read the book

which makes me sad


and I have a lot of opinions about it (not exactly good ones)

AAAAAND the reason of the club is, besides making new friends, DISCUSSING THE BOOKS AND ACTUALLY reading things you never thought you would read.



In like one hour and a half I will be there on the tinychat. Discussing it. Maybe alone (nooo, I am optimistic), but hey, shit happens.


We will meet in tinychat but the number os words you can use at a time is limited, so does anyone have any other idea? We COULD meet in my livestream, there we can talk all we want, without the livestream actually being on.

Well at least I finished the book

and I never thought I would, so…

I wasn’t worried about the first because it worked for me, but apparently it didn’t work for everyone. The same thing could happen to this one, but guys, downloads for e-books are really really easy to find. You could’ve just looked for another one, and I understand it if people can’t read it by then, because now there’s only one week left and not everyone is on vacation.

Next time I’ll be sure to put more links.

Hey guys!

So, there’s exactly one week before discussion. Remember we’re meeting at 8/7 c on January 22.

So guys, how far are you in the book so far? Just to make sure that people are reading. I’m on page 238 lol.